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HTML5 Ads.
Multi-Platform Advertising

Mobile & Tablet Friendly Animated HTML5 Banners

HTML5 is a universal language for building banner ads that are beautiful and engaging. Content written in HTML5 means content that is highly adaptable - run the same ad across desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Responsive design means a banner can be any size you choose – and that doesn't mean the banner ad is restricted to that size. Multiple sizes can be defined for each banner ad.

Multi-screen creative written in HTML5 is a leap forwards in interactive banner ads – whatever the device, whatever the screen orientation, wherever the browser, the creative adapts and shines!

High-resolution without the big file sizes – HTML5 supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SGV). The graphics on your HTML5 banner ad can be scaled indefinitely, and still retain their high resolution. Add to this the remarkable clarity of text in HTML5 and your banner ad won't be compromising quality for adaptability. Given the smaller screen sizes on mobile devices, clear text is crucial.

Mobile features which just keep adding interactivity – making your banner ad incredibly powerful. Integrate Geolocation and functionality designed for mobile ads – Tap to Call, Show Nearby Stores (on a map), Add to Calendar, or Set Reminder.

Is it working? HTML5 banner ads can be tracked with Google Analytics just like a traditional website. This actually provides more data than traditional banner serving systems. Not only can you reliably track impressions but also referrers, browsers, screen resolutions, mobile devices, popular countries and cities, and a whole lot more.

Benefits to making ads with HTML:

  • HTML ads are fully accessible. Text, Images, Video, Javascript, and Forms can all be used within an ad
  • Banners can use dynamic server-side scripting and databases
  • Changes can be made to an ad after it has been deployed
  • HTML ads can be very small in file size.
  • Banner serving is essentially the same as web hosting.
  • No new technology for web developers to learn
  • HTML5 ads can be made adaptable to any size with CSS3 media queries

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