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Dynamic Advertising

The Clever Banner Ads
of The Future

Content management systems for banner ads

Dynamic Advertising offers you and your clients a highly flexible template for banner ads within the Flash environment.  Maximise the impact of your banner ads for minimal ongoing cost.  With Dynamic Advertising you stay in control of your Online Banner content without needing to call in the pros for every change. Anything in your ad can be made dynamic, including text, images, video, and layout. Whichever Dynamic Content Management System you use, Doubleclick or Sizmek, you can easily upload all your photos, images, messages, logos and more into a single location.  From here the creative assets can be organized and assigned for hundreds of creative versions or easily swapped out as needed.

Easily manage your Dynamic Advertising

Manage ads with a Dynamic CMS and you will find you have as much flexibility as you need, no matter what the scale of your campaign.

  • Update creative directly from your DoubleClick or Sizmek Account. By making it simple to update the creative, you can avoid the burnout that can occur with a long-running campaign.

  • Managing a campaign with a multiple versions is made much simpler through the Excel management option.

  • Large catalogues of products, properties or destinations can mean hundreds, or even thousands, of creative versions. XML Data Feed for large campaigns keeps everything under your control.

Dynamic advertising for effective strategies with measurable results

  • Retarget interested consumers - Customize direct marketing messages to audiences who have previously engaged with your ads or other digital content.

  • Speak to your segments - Build your brand by targeting specific ads to audience segments based on any combination of geographic, contextual, behavioural or demographic data.

  • Infinite products, one ad - Stream a whole catalogue made up of thousands of products, prices, and text versions through a single banner, optimising the display by segment or response – you are in control!

  • Measure your efforts - Assess your campaign strategy for each audience through in-depth reports. Drill down to version, creative asset, audience, product, site or placement. You can analyse all your top-level metrics, or isolate specific interactions or conversions to get the most accurate picture of the performance of your creative.

  • Maximise results - Which ad versions will get the best results? Sometimes you don't know until you try. Now, you can serve a variety of ad versions, and the best performers are clearly identified and then elevated in frequency.

Types of content that will suit a Dynamic environment:

  • Target and retarget
  • Geo-targeted campaigns
  • Product-based campaigns
  • Optimization
  • Demographic prospecting
  • Behavioural prospecting
  • Sequential storytelling
  • Contextual prospecting
  • User journey campaigns

Dynamic elements to consider:

  • Product offerings
  • Loan and interest rates
  • Product benefits
  • Limited time offers (countdowns)
  • Stock tickers
  • Product prices
  • Agent or branch locations

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